Spinal Fusion at Schell Spinal

lumbar-fusionA spinal fusion procedure is a surgery to permanently join two bones together so there is no longer movement between them. Schell Spinal offers minimally invasive spinal fusion procedures that typically result in scars no more than 3 centimeters long. The correction of movement between the bones of the spine can eliminate the severe pain caused by a variety of spine disorders.

Lumbar spinal fusion is sometimes recommended to correct problems in the anatomy of the back. It involves removing damaged disc and bone from between two vertebrae and inserting material (bone graft) that promotes bone growth. As the bone grows, the two vertebrae join together (fuse). Fusing the bones together can help make a particular area of the back more stable, reducing problems related to nerve irritation. Sometimes, plates or screws are also used to help stabilize the bones. Fusions can be done at one or more segments of the spine.

Dr. Schell has particular expertise performing a cutting-edge type of spinal fusion called ‚Äúlateral interbody fusion.‚ÄĚ The lateral interbody fusion is a less invasive, but extremely effective way to perform spinal fusion surgery. In most cases, patients who are candidates for this surgery are those who would have needed an incision in the abdomen in order for the surgeon to reach the area of concern.

The lateral approach provides an alternate route to the spine that disturbs far fewer structures and tissues. This, in combination with small incisions, means much less discomfort for the patient and fewer risks of complications.

Dr. Schell is a foremost expert in the performance of spinal fusion procedures. He performs spinal fusion procedures safely and effectively utilizing the latest technologies and techniques at a variety of convenient facilities. If you think you are a candidate for an spinal fusion procedure, please contact Schell Spinal.