Sacroiliac Fusion

The SI joint lies between two bones, the sacrum and the ilium. The sacrum is a big, triangle-shaped bone at the base of your spine. The ilium is the big bone in your hip. The SI joint is where the sacrum meets the inside of the ilium. The goal of an SI joint fusion surgery is to join these bones together so there is no movement in the joint. This stabilization decreased pain.

There are two kinds of fusion surgery: Minimally Invasive and Open. The Minimally Invasive approach is used in the surgery center.

The surgeon makes small cuts in your buttocks and uses X-ray scans to see where to go with the surgical tools. Then he packs bone into the joint space between the sacrum and ilium and puts in 1-2 screws to make the joint more stable.  This surgery takes about an hour and patients go home, or to their hotel suite, on the same day.

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